Flexco manufactures several different types of custom elastomeric products for aerospace applications, including:

  • Bellows
  • Convoluted Ducts
  • Wire-Reinforced Ducts
  • Tubes
  • Hoses
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Connectors
  • Below are just a few examples of where Flexco products are used:

    Market: Commercial
    Model: Boeing 747
    Application: Turbine Exhaust Seal
    Turbine Exhaust Seal & Boeing 747
    Market: Commercial
    Model: Boeing 737
    Application: Air Duct Hose


    Air Duct Hose & Boeing 737
    Market: Military Rotorcraft
    Model: Bell Helicopter
    UH-1 Huey
    Application: Tail Rotor Boot


    Tail Rotor Boot & Bell Helicopter UH-1 Huey
    Market: Civil Rotorcraft
    Model: MD Helicopters
    MD900 Explorer
    Application: Evaporator Duct
    Evaporator Duct & MD Helicopters MD900 Explorer